a locomotor organ consisting of a row of strong cilia whose bases are fused
Syn: ↑comb-plate
Hypernyms: ↑organ
Part Holonyms: ↑ctenophore, ↑comb jelly

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\\ˈtēn\ noun (-s)
Etymology: Greek kten-, kteis comb
: comb 4c

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ctene /tēn/
A comb-like swimming organ in the Ctenophora
ORIGIN: Gr kteis, ktenos comb
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ctenidˈium /ten-/ noun (pl ctenidˈia /-i-ə/)
A comb-like respiratory gill of molluscs
cteniform /tēnˈ or tenˈ/ or ctenˈoid adjective
ctenophˈoran noun
A member of the Ctenophˈora, a class of coelenterates which are transparent, free-swimming marine organisms resembling jellyfishes, and which move by means of meridionally-placed comb-like plates (also adjective)
ctenˈophore noun
Any member of the Ctenophora

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